Above the Seasons

( - )

Night had already covered half of me and I said I shall discover stones
and springs, other deposits to enrich your laughter – you were laughing

and I could hear my years wasting on the sands.

The day grew darker, I was not alone. Above the seasons came that
invisible radiance which carried me up high to the echoing intervals.

The scales lay shattered down below

the sound of bugles on the twilit frontier.


Τάκης Σινόπουλος, Πέτρες (1972)
First published in Takis Sinopoulos: Selected Poems, translated and with an introduction by John Stathatos,
San Francisco & London, 1981. Translation revised 1999.

John Stathatos (translator)
Original Author 
Takis Sinopoulos
Wire Press & Oxus Press
San Francisco & London