The Book of Lost Cities

John Stathatos: Apate (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Arkiotis (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Azzanathkona (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Bucephala (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Daedala (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Firozkoh (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos, Gauzaka (The Book of Lost Cities)
John Stathatos: Li-jien (The Book of Lost Cities)

The Book of Lost Cities (1996) consists of ten backlit transparencies housed in wooden boxes reminiscent of museum display cases, each accompanied by an original text and a schematic map. The work plays upon the ambiguous nature of the photographic image, upon the powerful authority of scholarly texts and upon the fluctuating interpretation of historical and archaeological evidence. It is also a commentary on the way landscape is shaped and interpreted by history. Finally, like history itself, it is a labyrinth weaving truth and fiction into an inextricable whole.

The first version of The Book of Lost Cities was commissioned by the Rencontres Internationales Photographiques of Arles, constructed by Rencontres technicians on the artist's instructions, and first shown in June 1996 at the Musée de l’Arles Antique. It was later exhibited at the Forum Culturel du Blanc-Mesnil, Paris, between May and July, 1997, and subsequently destroyed by the artist. The work was completely redesigned and rebuilt prior to its first British showing at Wigmore Fine Art. It was also published as an artist's book, produced by ex pose verlag, Berlin in 2005.

Ten unique light boxes (duratrans colour transparencies, monochrome white on black texts and maps, fluorescent tubes & wood), 44 x 128 x 10 cm.

Exhibition history
• 1996  Musée de l’Arles Antique, Rencontres Internationales Photographiques, Arles, France
• 1997  Forum Culturel, Le Blanc-Mesnil, Paris, France
• 1998  Wigmore Fine Art, London
• 1999  Photography Centre of Athens, Athens, Greece
• 2000  Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
• 2004  Les prix des Rencontres, Rencontres Internationales Photographiques, Arles (group exhibition)
• 2006  Arts Centre, American College in Greece, Athens, Greece
• 2013  Ting-Ting Chen: The Atlas of Places do not Exist, Corner, London
• 2016  Τόποι Μνήμης (Sites of Memory), Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece (group exhibition)

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The Book of Lost Cities, Wigmore Fine Art, London 1998 (catalogue)
The Book of Lost Cities, ex pose verlag, Berlin 2005. Essays by Yves Abrioux and Joan Fontcuberta.

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Other references
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